Lately I have been reading and hearing about black men that I consider Interracial Dating Cowards. I normally don’t call anyone out in disgust, but this time I have to call it like I see it. It became very clear when I was watching The Tyra Banks Show. Yes, I watch daytime TV while I work. This particular show was about a black man who had a white girl friend. His ex is still in his life and he’s still in love with her. The ex is a black woman. That part doesn’t bother me. As most of you know, I encourage exploring your dating options. The part that bothers me is the 2 sets of rules, based off their race, he has for the women.

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I refer to him as the typical Interracial Dating Coward. The IR Dating Coward will have sex and live with the white woman. He will openly admit that when he dreams/imagines getting married, it’s to a black woman. WTF? How is it that the IRDC will father biracial children with a her and yet not commit to her on some level? How is it that the IRDC will spend years having a relationship and never take her “home to momma?” I have always been proud of my dating choices. I’ve never hid my passion for beautiful and intelligent women of all races.

The IRDC is a myth if you ask the white women that love them. Maybe they just don’t know what to listen for. The term that refers to this action as ‘keeping it in the hood.’

I realize that men will be men. When it comes to sex, it’s practically impossible to turn it down. I also realize that one nighters or short term hook ups exist. The thing that I don’t understand is how someone will play house and then flip when they want to have a serious relationship. I can’t take the IRDC seriously. To me, I compare it to being a vegetarian and sneaking out to have steak/meat when no one is watching. Are they worried about what their friends or family might think when they find out? Maybe it’s the backlash they might get.

I have to admit that there are times when I run into the same thing when I’m dealing with a BV. There are times when they want to have fun on the sly, but not a serious relationship. The only difference is if a woman gets pregnant (not by me of course) and has a brown baby, they can’t act like it never happened. She has to break the news to her friends and family.

I decided to write about this topic today, because there are women who don’t realize their black lover won’t go the distance. I have to admit that I feel bad for some of these women. It’s not easy for anyone to end up heart broken. But I have to also point out some signs to know if your black lover is ‘keeping it hood.”

1. You have not met his mother/family in the first 6 months.

2. He only goes out with you outside of his neighborhood.

3. If you have only met a couple men in his family.

4. If you feel like he is hiding you from his friends and family, he probably is.

I have a message to all IR Dating Cowards, it’s ok to take the white girl to the hood. It’s easier than you think. If you are happy dating outside your race, go the distance. Why half ass it?

So I have to wonder, how many of my readers know an IR Dating Coward? Are they just interested in sex and fall into a relationship?