Let me preface this article by saying that this was written with both men and women in mind, and I have attempted to broach this topic without bias but being a man I cannot fight a natural tendency to perceive my world through male eyes. With that said, enjoy.

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It would be foolish to say that romance and the interactions between men and women are the same as it was in the past few decades. Even 40 years ago, how our two sexes coexisted was vastly different from the present. Due to the emergence of highly superior technology like cellphones and the internet as well as several eras worth of sexual understanding and exploration, the simple act of approaching a member of the opposite sex has developed a series of intricate unspoken rules and understandings.

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To dive right into it, as men, I find our half of the species losing touch with the essence of what it means to be with a woman. Even when I meet a girl I like and know for certain she feels the same about me, I find that I’m forcing myself to abide by a ridiculous set of rules and ethos that for some reason all men abide by. I cannot text her unless she texts me, I must show the slightest interest but not too much because at all times she must know that she is into me more than I am into her, and I must feign a ridiculous level of aloofness which borders on purposely not picking up her calls to come across as not being “needy”.

Gentlemen, I have come to the conclusion that these mind games we force ourselves to exist by are both exhausting as well as unnecessary sources of stress and anguish in our lives.

It’s time we get in touch with what it meant to be men.

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The romantic gesture is not a lost art, and I guarantee will impress a girl more than ignoring texts. As you walk together in the park, pull her aside and give her that kiss that knocks her off her feet and makes other couples jealous. Buy her flowers and chocolates because it’s a Wednesday and you felt like it. When you’re with her and she flashes you that smile that makes your heart race a little faster, grab her hand and hold it to your chest.

These small actions may seem insignificant and unnatural to what has been the “guy routine”, but believe me when I say they are measured by the twinkle in her eyes when she giggles and that uncontrollable smile she has when she’s with you. This is what real men do, and it beats ignoring phone calls.

To the ladies out there, know that that we’re men, and that we’re always trying harder.

Members of Free Dating Sites Don’t Want to Meet You

On a free dating site, the “cost” of creating a profile is too low. In fact, that’s one of their main pitches: we are free so we have a gajillion profiles!! Now: how many of those profiles are created (i) by folks creating a prank profile, (ii) folks just making a profile out of boredom, (iii) folks having fun creating a kinky online personality, (iv) folks creating a profile just to see how many hits they will get, (v) folks creating profiles to check if their husband/wife/etc. are cheating online, or even (vi) folks thinking it’s funny to create a profile of the opposite sex?

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These are all examples of the endless variants of wastage: profiles that do nothing for your love life and instead cost you time and frustration. Neither of which you would like to exert given your hectic lifestyle. Meeting people should be fun and easy. That feeling of sparks flying is a beautiful thing. But too often by the time you actually go out with someone you are so jaded by your online experience that you lose the exhilarating, butterflies-in-stomach feeling you deserve to have!

Sure: there are barriers to joining Sparkology. It’s invite only. Men must have specific credentials. You need to enter a real credit card number. But smart singles embrace these barriers. Just like we like country clubs, the Hamptons, business class, taxis, top-tier restaurants, and all the other aspects of life where we pay a little bit more to be with worthy company in a classy environment efficiently going about our business.

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Written by Carl Pierre is an iPhone App developer that currently resides in San Francisco, California. He received his degree from the University of Virginia, and travels frequently between the Bay Area and the DC Metro Area.