She loved him…heart, body, mind and soul. They were the perfect couple met on Backpage site and got along in a way that words fail to describe. He once told her if she never said, “I love you”, he would know. He saw it in the way she looked at him. Everyone saw something special about them when they were together. Even her dog loved him.

He was everything she ever wanted, an honorable man with intelligence and a great sense of humor. He was kind and his touch was so very tender. He often talked about their life all the way into old age. She loved the depth of his dark brown eyes. Little did she know they held a deceptive side.

After being together two years, something felt off and she needed to know what was going on. He failed to own up to his odd behavior when she calmly confronted him, so she felt the need to find out for herself. She deserved to know! He left a small trail behind and to this day she doesn’t know if it was deliberate or a flawed execution. She followed the trail and investigated until she had concrete proof. He cheated on her.

One night the selfish part of him took hold and he went to a strip club. This is something he said was against his standards or so he had always told her. He befriended a stripper, attempting to see her outside of the club. He was so hyped up about the stripper, he forgot he had a girlfriend and actively pursued this other woman, dismissing it was her job to give him attention for money. She didn’t like him, she liked his money!

Once he was busted for cheating, a dark side came out. Hoping he would ask for forgiveness and make things right, instead he offered a brutal surprise by sending an email saying he was leaving her. The feeling of rejection was intense. The feeling of loss even more intense. How could this person who vowed their love exchange everything they had together for a cheap thrill and break up through an email?

He never offered a real apology, but did later come back to say that their relationship had been an on-going success and he sabotaged it out of fear of failure. How very sad, to lose everything they both ever wanted and for what? He’ll never understand her pain, her loss and how she still thinks of him every day. He lost her and the stripper looked at him as a fool.

Getting a Break from the Single’s Scene

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You will often hear how great it is to be single and to do your own thing. The problem is that for many singles from Backpage site their social calendar is usually booked. Someone is always making sure that you are included in their plans so that you won’t be lonely and left out since you are single. This is all well and good but it can make it a challenge at times. Just because you are single from Backpage doesn’t mean that you don’t have a life and don’t have anything to do.

One way to get away from the rushed pace is to take a shopping trip by yourself that is exclusively for you. Instead of trying to find the next outfit to wear on a backpage date or a dress to wear at someone else’s wedding, go shopping for something comfortable to wear that you like. It doesn’t matter the style, colors or even if it’s in fashion anymore. Go crazy and purchase something that you’d never wear in front of anyone else but wouldn’t mind wearing around the house just because you like it. The whole purpose of the trip is to have fun shopping and to focus completely and selfishly on you. Turn off the cell phone or better yet leave it in the trunk of your car during your shopping trip.

Another way to get away from everything is to sit down for about fifteen minutes. Turn off the computers, the television and phones. Lock the door. Just sit and close your eyes. Try to completely clear your mind of any thoughts or worries. Picture your favorite dream vacation destination spot that you’d love to one day visit. Think about it and concentrate on it. Don’t open your eyes and completely relax and get away for about fifteen minutes. This is an excellent way to rejuvenate yourself and get a break from single life that can be so hectic.