According to an article in an Australian online paper, it seems a research shows that women who are university educated has a higher marriage rate than their less educated counterpart. When marriage rates are falling everywhere, further analysis of couples based on their education level reveals that women with post-school qualifications bucked the trend.

Interesting, isn’t it, when we all thought that highly educated women would rather focus on their careers rather than settle down and build a family? This sets me thinking of the reason why tertiary level educated women are more likely to marry than the more lowly educated females. It can’t be that higher educated women are more prone to having matured and loving relationships, right?

So, I guess the main reason could revolve around money. Because if you are university educated with an executive job, chances are your partner too is on the same level as you are due to the social circles that you move in. And together, both of you are more financially secure to be able to, first, afford a wedding and then, plan for the future.

Comparatively, your less educated peers are more likely to earn much less than you do with less financial security than you might have that may make them think twice of the burden of a wedding cost and the subsequent commitments that come with a family life.

Does that make sense to you? Personally, I do think money plays a role when people need to decide whether or when or even who to marry. Otherwise, I’m at a loss figuring out why university educated women are more likely to marry than the less educated women. Any ideas?

A woman can do that in any environment. The underpinnings of his question have to do with trust, plain and simple. He doesn’t believe her, and so he should just move on or try to get over it. There really is no point trying to figure out what she did (who she did) or didn’t do. I knew very slutty girls and none of them would DEIGN to work in a strip club. Honestly, there is no difference, whether you are giving it away for free or for money. If it doesn’t make a woman feel good, what’s the difference?

Sorry, I’m late to this party. I’m completely confused by some of the comments from the ladies.

In prior posts, some of the ladies asserted that guys value chastity. In the face of comments from numerous guys saying otherwise, those women said “NO. Relationship guys — the guys YOU want? They value chastity.” Okay. Let’s say that’s true.

Now, it seems like those same women are criticising guys for the same judgmental attitude that they were previously defending. Make up your mind — you can’t have it both ways. There are guys in this world that, apparently, care about a woman’s chastity. Okay. Personally, I think those guys have a problem, but okay. Let’s assume those are the “relationship” guys. Aren’t those are the SAME guys that are going to judge a woman for wearing sexy clothing, working in a strip club, or being a prostitute. What am I missing?

It seems to me that if you want guys to respect you for your “chastity,” you’re probably going to need to accomodate those same guys’ preferences not to date a prostitute. It’s the same guys. You want guys to really, really love and respect the fact that you haven’t had a lot of sexual partners but, at the same time, you want them to completely overlook the fact that you work at a strip club. I think you need to get your stories straight.

Personally, I’m more inclined to agree with Cackles and D although, to be honest, I think I’m the only guy here that doesn’t regularly date strippers and drug addicts.