All couples have cutesy little names for each other. It helps deepen the intimacy of the couple with the added benefit of making other people sick. Win-Win, right?

There are the universal standards that are somewhat regional.

Honey, Sweetie, Sugar: Honey is used a lot in the Midwest and in the South they say “Sugar.” I wonder if terms of endearment are based on the dominant sweetner of a given region. Begs the question, do Canadians call their sweethearts “Maple Syrup”?

Baby: I love this term. I just do. I love it when a man calls me his “Baby,” something cute that he cherishes and looks after. I hope he does not mean a whiney little helpless ball of need.

Then there are the much more personal ones. These are in no particular order of importance, just what sprung in my head first.

Big Daddy: I have a guy who wants me to call him “Big
Daddy,” especially in bed. He is a big guy and he is from the south, but I have an issue with it. I call my own father “Daddy” and it would mess me up. It might conjure up too many
“Electra Complexes.”

Sugar Smacks: This is what my ex-husband used to call me
early in our relationship. I think it was to counter my name for him that was “honey-bunch-clusters-of-oats.” Yeah, we were nerds.

Mr. Man: I first started calling my ex-husband this
name when we first got together. I was still in college and he was a grown man living on his own so the term “boyfriend” did not seem to fit. He was not a boy and he was more than a friend.
I think the “Mr. Man” term was a bastardized form of Shaggy’s song “Mr. Lover” that was popular a few years prior to that time. He did not live up to the song’s expectation. Shaggy had “The Hunger.”

Cutie Pie: I don’t remember specifically a man using
this nomenclature. Perhaps I do not seem
like a cute succulent piece of goodness best served with whip cream. I do not know. I cannot help but when I hear this word I
think of another triangular piece that is enjoyed slow and often. It is not just for the holidays, okay boys?

Sugar, Baby, Darlin’: I was being romanced by a certain Southern man with a bit of Cajun flare that would call me “Baby” all the time. He had this deep low sexy voice that was somewhere between Elvis and Barry White. It made me weak when he called me “Baby.” The only thing is, almost everyone in the South calls everyone else Sugar, Baby, and Darlin’. My waitress at Waffle House with three kids and two teeth called me Darlin’. Perhaps I was not that special. But… he made me feel that way. Oh Baby…

Sweetness: I use this term often for my lover-man. It just seems to fit, especially when he is being sweet, like when he fills up my gas tank or takes out the trash.

Peacock: I know how this term originated, but I do not see how it fits me. I was internet dating, (yes, admit it) and I made some reference to women being the “peacocks” of our society. I think the question was whether or not women should be socially mandated to shave their legs. I said yes because women are the peacocks. We fan out our feathers to attract a mate. The man I was dating saw a hint of vanity in me (who me? Never) and the
name just kind of stuck. Whenever I was taking too long (in his estimation) to get ready he would call me his little peacock. Yes, I know peacocks are male; I was referring to the idea that women are the “pretty ones” with the plumage and the nice clothes and make up. In other cultures the men are the “pretty ones” but the gender roles are quite different than that of Western Society.

Kitten: This is by far my favorite term of endearment
because I think it fits me the least. I was dating this very aggressive, dominant younger man that called me “kitten”. When I think kitten, I think cute, LITTLE, shy, defenseless things. I am over 5’9 and built like a brick shithouse. I do not think I conjure the term “kitten, maybe “tigress” maybe manatee, but
certainly not “kitten”. I thought it was so funny that I asked him where he got that name. At the time I was kind of, um, crouching over him and apparently looking really sweet and innocent although in a very provocative position. He said that it is the way I swing my hips when I walk looks like a cat swishing her tail. He said it was also because I am cute and cuddly like a kitten but he never knew when I was going to scratch his face off. Maybe it is because he knew how to make me purr. Phoenix Backpage Tucson Backpage Mesa Backpage Scottsdale Backpage Tempe Backpage Glendale Backpage Yuma Backpage Chandler Backpage Avondale Backpage FlagstaffBackpage Gilbert Backpage Peoria Backpage Prescott Backpage Apache Junction Backpage Sierra Vista Backpage